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Power Chords-Today Tutorial

Our Wonderful world of music is constantly in a state of change. We are influenced by other cultures, technology, and most important - each other. Searching for new expression, new emotions, and an alternative voice we explore different sounds, textures and integrate them into our music. At first it's only a handful of believers - then the sound and emotion grows. More and more players adapt the concepts and begin using these new chords, phrases and musical textures. Once again our music has changed. Ever evolving, always with the pulse on the move - that is our Western music heritage.

In the late 1980s great and not so great popular bands explored alternative chord and melodic and structures and challenged the established mainstream current in popular music. It has taken no less than ten years for these concepts to be accepted and utilized in the various forms of popular music. This includes the Established Top-Forty - Jazz - Country - Gospel - Folk - Blues and Praise forms of our popular music. The migration is slow. A special chord here and there, a New Harmony, a new feeling - given enough time it becomes a part of the mainstream culture accepted without question or comment.

It is with great pleasure that Guitar-Masters.com presents this original review and instruction series: Power Chords-Today

In the first chapter "Foundations" a series of instructional tutorials, diagrams and charts are presented. This material, over time, will become a major part of your foundation supporting your studies and continued advancement. It will not happen overnight. Do not become discouraged - in time it will all come together.

Thank you for your support of Guitar-Masters and I wish you the best of luck mastering this new material. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Address your E-mail to: Perry Terhune PGP

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